Kevin Sean Ryan - Uncle Sam

Eric Roberts - Colonel Hahn

We are thrilled that Mr. Roberts will join us as Nazi Colonel Hahn. He brings decades of experience and talent with him.

The Crew

Madame Michaut

To be announced.

Gabrielle Stone - Malou

The talented Ms. Stone will portray Malou, John's beloved who he must leave behind in Paris.

Darla Rae - Producer/Director

Darla Rae is an award winning filmmaker and CEO of Film It Productions. Her first full-length feature film, "The Goal" also won numerous awards at various International Film Festivals in three countries, and has screened internationally and received worldwide distribution. Rae's first documentary "Dandy Kids" also won awards and screened before the United States Congress and was distributed by Film It Productions and continues to help the medical community along with children and their families around the world.

Rae started acting at the age of eight. Growing up in the Los Angeles suburb of Azusa, it was only natural that her love of the arts would flourish. She started acting in stage productions and gradually made the transition to writing, directing, and producing. Rae made the move from stage to film when she was 18. She has written, directed, and produced over 100 stage, film, video and commercial productions. Rae's passion and unlimited creativity along with her business experience produces products of excellence. Darla also has over 20years of experience in Management for aerospace companies managing production and procurement, including contracts with NASA.

She is an alumna of The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles. Rae got her start in the industry in John Carpenter's original Halloween

Julien Oblette - John Tschirhart

Andy Hankins - Mr. Newton

The Cast

Darla Rae - Aunt Della

Karen Hemmerle is a screenwriter and monologist. Her films, Dandy Kids and Broken Ties have won awards, and her award-winning monologues A Love Story of Sorts and The 24 Hour Intimate Position have been performed by Stories on Stage in Denver and Boulder.

Karen Hemmerle - Screenwriter

The French American

Basil Hoffman - Monsieur Tissot

Well-known character actor Mr. Hoffman joins us as Monsieur Tissot, farmer and Resistance fighter.

Madame Michaut

To be announced.